Choosing the perfect pageant hairstyle just got easier!

Miss Bahamas Galaxy 2012: Samantha McCartney
Miss Bahamas Galaxy 2012: Samantha McCartney

Perfect gown..Check! Flawless makeup.. Check! Now how do you choose a hairstyle the perfect hairstyle? I have read so many pageant tips and tricks that I have managed to come up with some pretty simple “rules of thumb” on my own.

Long hair is optional!

There is definitely no rule in the pageant bible that says long hair is a must! If you are rocking a short look, a sleek look with a soft curl is definitely the way to go. It adds a touch of softness to an edgy look. For medium-long hair you can wear a soft up do or let those silky locks loose!

Your hair should show some personality.

You have a style that is all your own….flaunt it! It plays a huge role in choosing your perfect hairstyle as well. It should never be about choosing a hairstyle that you think you can win with, its more about choosing a style that you feel comfortable with and more importantly a hairstyle that you love! So whether you rock a pixie cut or you have  extensions in…wear it in confidence!

But what hairstyle goes with this gown?!

Well let’s begin by determining what type of gown that you have. If you are wearing a gown that has lots embellishments close to the neckline, pin those tresses back! Especially if your gown is detailed in the back, the back is plunging or if the gown has intricate detailing on the shoulder. You want to draw all the attention to your beautiful face! There are other gowns that allow for hair versatility such as strapless or spaghetti straps.

Those are my rules of thumb with pageant hair, the decision is yours! Remember, whatever style you decide on always make sure that your hair is sleek ( no fuzz or flyaways) and your curls are defined! Nothing is more distracting to a judge or audience then a contestant who’s hair looks unkept and out of control! Elegance and sophistication is the name of the game.


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