The Bahamas Galaxy Pageant is underway!

Pageant season is my favorite time of year in The Bahamas! As a matter of fact it should be a national sport. It’s the time of year when glitz and glamour are idolized and every bahamian is a judge.  It looks like Miss Bahamas Galaxy is will be the first pageant to crown their queens this season. This pageant is truly taking the Bahamas by storm. Last year they expanded their divisons from two to five (Miss, Miss Teen, Miss Jr., Miss Pre-Teen and Little Miss).  Under the direction of Mrs. Andrea Knott and Mrs. D’Vanya Thompson-Hinsey, the pageant is definitely growing. I am also super impressed with the contestants this year, beautiful and intelligent. Have you been on their facebook page yet? You are missing out! They have done, what I like to call an “e-unveiling” of their contestants! The junior contestants are as cute as can be with cupcakes and cakes while the senior division takes on a glamourous 80’s appeal! Can you say LOVE?! So even if you aren’t in the Bahamas get your vote in for your favorite contestant.  The theme this year? All that glitters…is galaxy! I expect nothing short of glitz, glamour and lots of glitter. Stay tuned for an interview with the newly crowned Miss Bahamas Galaxy!

Vote here for your favorite Bahamas Galaxy Pageant contestant:


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