EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Pageant talk with Miss Grand Bahama!

Miss Grand Bahama 2012 Kristie Farah

How lucky are we to land an exclusive interview with the absolutely stunning Kristie Farah, the reigning Miss Grand Bahama. Not only is she beautiful but we discovered that she is an 18 year old sophomore of Winthrop University and an aspiring Periodontist, how cool is that?

Kristie has always  had a passion for pageants. In third grade, her passion for pageantry was ignited when she won the title of Miss. Cinderella. She has traveled to Las Vegas Nevada to represent the Bahamas internationally at the Miss Cinderella International pageant.

Kristie attended the prestigious Winthrop University, South Carolina. She was the recipient of the International Ambassadors scholarship as well as the Sherer Pre Dental Scholarship. During her tenure In her time spent at Winthrop University she placed on the dean’s list each semester with an average of 3.72 and above each term.

In her free time she tutors primary and high school students and she is also a member of the Bahamas Dance academy. Kristie volunteers her time at the Cancer Association and she assists at Walter Parker Primary within the classrooms when needed. After studying and writing a paper on breast cancer , Kristie has decided to make Breast Cancer awareness her platform as she feels more people need to know of this rising, deadly disease within the Bahamas.

PD: Being Miss Grand Bahama as to be exciting, tell us how was your life as a queen?:
  Being Miss Grand Bahama has surely impacted my life.  I’ve matured into a young woman that views life in a positive perspective, one that seizes every opportunity present.  I now seek to do more within my community and more to better myself as an individual. I was overwhelmed with numerous emotions when crowned. Happiness, satisfaction, excitement, relief, all at once flowed through me. Not exactly sure how to react, I cried of course. I have never had such a feeling before. It is certainly a memorable moment for me. During my reign I have had the opportunity to give back to the community. Before the pageant my primary interest was Breast Cancer and its impact on the Bahamian society. As Miss Grand Bahama I used my title to raise awareness of the disease, by participating in breast cancer awareness events, and by supporting survivors.  I view this as one of the most profound moments of not only my reign but my life.  Being able to contribute in a positive way to the lives of others has always been my focus.”

PD: As a queen, you get to see firsthand the in’s and out’s of pageantry, where do you think pageantry in the Bahamas is headed?

“Pageantry in the Bahamas has taken on exponential growth. There are certainly positive changes being made in the pageant world here in the Bahamas, but it is important that organizations focus on bettering and contributing positively to the lives of the competitors. Pageants are important experiences that aid in the personal development of self pride and confidence of young women.  Thus, it is certainly a good thing that more and more persons are seeking to assist in this process here in the Bahamas.”

PD: As you prepare to pass on your crown, what advice do you have for the contestants as well as young ladies who would want to compete in the future?
“There is so much that I can say to the contestants that are competing for the title of Miss Grand Bahama, however, I believe self confidence is most important in pageantry. I would advise the contestants to remain positive and self confident. Competing in any pageant and taking from it a positive experience is difficult without it.  One must be sure of themselves before they stand before the public open to harsh criticism and judgment.To every young woman seeking to compete I would like to say that whether or not you were to win or lose, the outcome does not determine whether or not you are a queen. A crown does not define a queen; instead it is personality and morals that makes a true queen. A queen is not determined by her physical beauty but by her character as she embodies positivity and good morals.”

PD: Now that your reign is coming to an end, what’s next for you?

“The pageant has sparked my interest in modeling and I plan to continue to pursue modeling. I also plan to focus on completing my education in attaining a Bachelors degree in biology and ultimately continuing my education in Dental school.”

Thanks so much Kristie for taking the time to chat with us.  We wish you all the best in the future and with all the beauty and brains in the world, we know that this won’t be the last we see of you. Keep your eyes peeled here to find out which lucky girl will be the next Miss Grand Bahama. Good Luck girls!




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