How to choose your interview outfit

It’s already nerve wracking that it’s almost time to meet with the judges, but now the pressure is on to figure out the perfect interview outfit that will blow them away…in a good way. The upside to this? There are just a few simple things to consider when choosing your interview outfit:

What’s your style?

Gone are the days when the typical drab two piece suit was considered the only appropriate outfit. Show your judges your sense of style from the minute you walk through the door. Look for classically modern pieces that have very little but eye catching details on the neckline, around the edges of your sleeve and your waist. Remember that when it comes to your interview outfit, less detailing is less distracting and capturing the judges attention is key during an interview. Watch out for hemlines ladies! Too short or too long hemlines can totally change your appeal to the judges, so try to stick with either slightly above the knee or slightly under it.

What color?

Choose a color that compliments your  personality. If you are outgoing, spunky and fun, bright colors make that exact statement. It says to the judges “I’m here!” If you tend to be on the more demure side, perfect interview colors for you are more pastel colors. This works if you are very young as well. Paint a clear picture of who you are  for the judges that choosing a color that displays who you are.

Perfect Fit

There is nothing worse than wearing a suit that is not flattering to your body. Suits that are too big or too small are a huge NO NO! Plan to get your outfit a few weeks prior in order have your suit tailored perfectly. You certainly don’t want to give your judges the impression that you don’t care about how you look. This is the opportunity you get to show them YOU face to face. A well tailored and neatly pressed outfit speaks volumes to the judges. It says that you take this pageant just as seriously as they do. Whether you have spent $1,500 or $99, it doesn’t matter as long as your suit is well constructed and shows off the body you have been working so hard on achieve!

So there is it folks! Tips on choosing your stellar interview outfit. Oh! How could we forget, we have a list of things you must avoid!

  1. Noisy bangles and bracelets
  2. Plunging Necklines and See-Through fabrics
  3. Too short skirts
  4. Colorful or decorative hoisery
  5. Purses

Take your time and go interview hunting early, poor outfits and poor planning can cost you the crown!

Keep glittering girls! xoxo

Miss Bahamas Galaxy 2011

Miss Bahamas Universe 2011

Miss Teen Bahamas International


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