Exclusive interview with Miss Grand Bahama 2013 Shequera King!


I was tickled to receive the opportunity to interview the stunning Shequera King, Miss Grand Bahama 2013! No stranger to the pageant and modeling scene Shequera has also competed in  Miss Grand Bahama in 2010 and placed in the top 5 and Miss Bahamas Galaxy in 2011, placing 2nd runner up.She then competed in the Nu Face Model Search, Shequera placed 1st runner up and debuted in two issues of Nu Woman Magazine.
From 2009 to present, Shequera has participated in numerous photo shoots and fashion shows. She has walked for designers such as Kazz Forbes from the Turks and Caicos Islands and Anthea Bullard of Hardour Collection in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Shequera was also extended the opportunity to be a co-host for Nu Woman TV last year and was flown into New Providence to cover the renowned Islands of the World Fashion Week at the Sheraton Hotel on Cable Beach in May 2012.

Shequera describes herself as goal-oriented, persistent, and fun-loving and a modern hybrid! “I consider myself to be a hybrid of a modern and traditional woman. I’m modern when it comes down to fashion trends, technological advances and capitalizing on opportunities to further my career and attain my goals. However, for the most part, I have a traditional mindset due to my Christian upbringing. As a result, I uphold high moral standards and values, I believe in “knowing your role” as a woman because I feel that true modern women overstep their womanly bounds big time, and most importantly I believe in keeping my priorities in order – God first, then family, then work. These facets constitute my traditional side” says Shequera.  Her mantra in life, “Everything happens for a reason”

PD: What was your driving force to enter Miss Grand Bahama?

SK: There were several driving forces that made me enter Miss Grand Bahama: my desire to become an ambassador for the Bahamas, my passion to serve young adults like myself on a larger scale, and my supporters who encouraged me to give pageantry one more shot. They felt that I was definitely worthy of a crown due to the amount of effort I put into my past competition and how much I had grown from them. I also could not pass up the chance to compete again because every competition I entered, I progressed in placement – from top 5, to second runner up, to first runner up. It was only imperative to compete one more time! Thankfully I did because this time I finally won!

PD:  You’ve competed in several other pageants and modeling competitions, how did that experience help you to capture the Miss Grand Bahama Title?

SK:  My experiences have aided me substantially in capturing the Miss Grand Bahama title. Prior to modeling and pageantry I was quite reserved and soft spoken. I was not self confident in the least and preferred to be “behind the scenes” always! However, competing in other events helped me tap into a potential and a beauty that I never knew existed! Competing also helped me to become more self-confident, social and poised. Moreover, this time competing in Miss Grand Bahama I knew what to expect and how to prepare unlike the first time in which I went in completely blindfolded and “green”. I must say that I have come a very long way and could not have won without my past modeling and pageantry experience and of course the help of my awesome pageant team, sponsors and supporters!

PD: Tell us about your funniest/most embarrassing moment during competition.

SK: My funniest, most embarrassing moment happened one day during practice. I had just started the gym and my legs were EXTREMELY sore! However, I didn’t know the extent of the soreness until I put on my heels and started walking. Can you say wounded platypus?! I’m sure that’s what I looked like waddling down our runway holding the back of my legs! The girls had a jolly time laughing at me and I had a good laugh too!

PD: What is your platform and how are you using your title to pursue it?

SK: My platform is Building Character and Confidence in Young Bahamians. Since being crowned my platform has been inactive due to my target demographic being on summer vacation. However, now that school is reopening I plan to visit and speak at as many schools and young adult programs on the island of Grand Bahama as I can during my reign, including Christian groups, about these three points: 1) discovering who you are 2) the benefits of making wise decisions and 3) the importance of sewing back into the community. In addition to planting these seeds, I also hope to encourage our young men and women to become involved with young adults programs like the one that has changed my life and/or other community outreach programs that will aid in furthering their personal and spiritual development.

PD: So many people believe that there is a secret formula to winning pageants, what’s yours?

SK: Faith! I think it’s important to trust in God in all things (sometimes easier said than done!). Personally, I feel that my faith in God and my choosing to believe that I had already won played a great deal in my success. I prayed a lot and I had many persons praying for me. I worked hard and turned everything over to Him and He worked it all out in my favor! I’m extremely thankful and still praying in hopes of capturing an international title.

 Shequera is now preparing to compete in the Miss Heritage pageant scheduled for November 29th- December 7th in Zimbabwe! Talk about exciting!


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