Miss Universe Top 16 Forecast

After watching prelims, everyone has turned on their “Miss Cleo” and predicting their top runners for Miss Universe. Pageant Diaries refused to be left out of the fun! Here’s our top 16 in RANDOM order:

 Venezuela: She has remained consist throughout this entire pageant. Hair and makeup are always perfect and her performances have been nothing short of fantastic throughout prelims.


2. Puerto Rico:  She earned her way into our top 16 when she blew us away in her stunning evening gown. Her swimsuit presentation was beautiful; we could see her in the top 5!


3. France: Her evening gown definitely left more to be desired but it did what it was supposed to do, fit like a glove and sparkle. This girl is stunning and has made top 16 on pageant experts forecast lists globally and for good reason!


4. Great Britain: A life sized Barbie! GB exudes a comfortable confidence that cannot be denied. Her dress was over down but let’s hope that her swimsuit performance was enough to carry her through.



5. Panama: Undeniably one of the top beauties in this competition. Her prelims performance- Flawless!


6. Curacao: What more to say then this girl is absolutely beautiful and one of the girls to beat this year! A good look for the Caribbean.


7. Brazil:  Her prelim performance was great and the evening gown was a major plus!

892185_10152065953429047_1310313677_o 1398558_10152064909029047_1407567494_o (1)

8. Spain: How could you take your eyes off of this girl?! Perfect body, perfect evening gown, this girl is a stunner!

1462653_10152065958379047_2018502379_o (1) 1410739_10152064912629047_1832958172_o

9. Bahamas: You have to admit, she rocked the runway, great walk and with a gown that got your attention, don’t be surprised to see her in the top 16!

1410796_10152065953189047_2089657979_o 1405059_10152064908904047_1758066005_o

10. Jamaica: Another good candidate from Jamaica, beauty and body to match. While her evening gown was not a big favorite-she worked it!

1404990_10152064911334047_1228919185_o 913917_10152065956199047_335192293_o (1)

11. Vietnam: One word-Gorgeous! This beauty is not unnoticed! She played up her assets at prelims with all her hair off of her face to show how gorgeous she truly is!

857951_10152065959134047_650567103_o 885850_10152064913144047_939260961_o

12. Argentina: A strong candidate for Argentina, this girl is beautiful.

1398795_10152065952874047_358952073_o (1) 615384_10152064908534047_542346580_o

13.  Philippines -Killer body  but a not so great evening gown! Her performance was not the best at prelims, we hope to see a turnaround at coronation.



14. Canada: She worked this stage and we love her for it! A strong candidate for top 16!

1397569_10152065953734047_1176669360_o 903478_10152064909159047_1510610856_o

15. USA: She has remained consistent, but safe. Her performance is enough to land her into top 16 but we’re not sure that she will make it any further.

1401422_10152065959044047_461659675_o 1396849_10152064913069047_1694970227_o

16. Turkey: This girl-next-door beauty is a force to reckon with. While she may not be  super glamorous, she is relatable and can connect with people globally!

966399_10152065958844047_1884283912_o 904688_10152064912954047_5545113_o (1)

There you have it, The Pageant Diaries top 16! Best of luck to all the girls!


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