Pageant Highlight: Bahamas Petite World Pageant Director Antoine V. Duncombe!

Antoine V. Duncombe, Director of the Bahamas Petite WORLD pageants
Antoine V. Duncombe, Director of the Bahamas Petite WORLD pageants

Becoming a director of a pageant is never easy and with the some what negative connotation that comes along with pageantry in the Bahamas, earning your place in the pageant world is a battle. While some directors have become household names, it’s exciting to see some young fresh faces  take on the task. The Pageant Diaries has been closely following Mr. Antoine Duncombe and we were extremely delighted that he decided to have a sit down with us. This guy rocks and he’s extremely busy!

He is senior at The College of The Bahamas, set to graduate in May 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with specialty in Religious Education and Family Life, former College of the Bahamas Union of Students -Senator for the School of Education, former 2nd Vice President & Advisor of The Education Awareness Society, former Director of Logistics at Esteem Productions and has held an array of positions throughout New Providence and San Salvador, Bahamas.

Duncombe has a heart for people and has rendered volunteer service to numerous nonprofit and charitable organizations throughout New Providence. He one day seeks to become a political figure as he has represented his island as Youth Parliamentarian in 2008 and then served as a Youth Senator in 2013 during the Youth in Parliament segment for the country’s 40th Independence Celebrations. Additionally he has a mindset to become a world renowned pageant coach and motivational speaker. Duncombe is proud to say that he is a believer of Christ and encourages all to pattern their lives in alignment with Christ, for only what’s done for Christ will last.
PD: I’m sure people are always asking what is the Bahamas Petite World Pageants, as they do with every pageant in the Bahamas. Tell us more about your pageant!
AD:  Bahamas Petite WORLD Pageants is the newest pageantry system in The Bahamas with some of the youngest and freshest minds in the beauty pageant industry who have a heart for service and development of the whole woman. We have been in operation since June 2013 under the directorship of myself . Our mission is to provide an outlet for young women of The Bahamas to display their talent while fostering principles of leadership, responsibility, confidence and community involvement. To assist young women establish themselves as confident ladies who will help to encourage and enforce a spirit of unity; while being graceful, exquisite, tactful and flexibility in their endeavors thus creating a better Bahamas and a better world.

We have a team of seven executive members: Mr. Marcel J. Gibson- Creative Director & Director of Logistics, Ms. Brethel Lightfoot- Choreograph Instructor, Ms. Magdala Joseph-Model Instructor, Mr. Travalies Miller- Graphic Designer & Director of Finance, Ms. Khadijah Claridge- Contestant’s Manager & VIP Services, Ms. Nancy Thelusma- Director of Recruitment & Marketing ,and Mr. Antoine V. Duncombe-Director & CEO.

We’re proud to provide a platform for petite woman who have always wanted the pageant experience but are too short to compete in the average beauty pageant. We are here for the petite women’s convenience and holistic development.  After all, like our motto says, “PETITE GIRLS CAN BE QUEENS TOO”.

PD: Wow! You’re so passionate! Taking on a pageant is no easy job, why take on something so tedious when some would consider you so young?
AD: Believe it or not I’ve always been one that accepts the greatest challenges. I simply feel I have the will-power to conqueror whatever I put my mind to. I’ve always enjoyed watching beauty pageants and I love a woman with a great physique, one that can strut her stuff with a massive catwalk, vast vocabulary and overall elegance that sends me into another world. Pageantry has become apart of my life over the pass few years; I live, dream, eat, sleep, talk pageantry-that’s all! Give me a girl that lacks self confidence, has striking features, has killer legs and you’ll see me transform into a whole new man. Pageantry-Tedious?! Oh yes it is, BUT I love the adrenaline of it all. I’ve managed, coached and judged enough pageants and shows as a Stage Director and Producer to not be ready for the hassle of it all.

PD: That’s super impressive Antoine. Tell us about your current queens, they’re gorgeous!
AD: We have two beautiful and outstanding young women representing our organization and we could never be so proud of them; Maya’lea Rolle, (teen queen) 16, a student of Queen’s College who was chosen from amongst 10 other young ladies in July 2013 and Sadia McKay, (miss queen) 20, represented The Bahamas at Petite Universal Pageant and  has recently left New Providence to attend Howard University in Miami, FL, USA.  Both girls represented The Bahamas as true petite beauty ambassadors in Waterbury, Connecticut July 28-August 4 2013 at Petite World Pageant. We are extremely proud of their accomplishment for a first year organization.

Maya’lea has a platform of childhood abuse and neglect while Sadia’s is Breast Cancer Awareness. These girls have been working on small projects with institutions throughout New Providence and making their presence felt at many other local events.

Sadia McKay Miss Bahamas Petite World
Sadia McKay Miss Bahamas Petite World
Maya'lea Rolle Miss Teen Bahamas Petite World
Maya’lea Rolle Miss Teen Bahamas Petite World












PD: What can we expect from the Bahamas Petite World Pageants in the future?
AD: It’s expected that Bahamas Petite WORLD Pageant becomes the pageant that the nation respects for its authenticity, quality production of the caliber of young women we produce and the best coronation/crowning nights in The Bahamas.It is my endeavor to see Bahamas Petite WORLD Pageants fulfill its mandate which is to produce young women of quality, integrity, strong-will, grace, poise, intelligence, an advocate for change and an ambassador who will put service about self. Additionally to provide not only a pageant which run for about two to three months with developmental classes but a program that goes beyond coronation night. A program that encourages young persons, not only young women, to live out their dreams and accomplish greatness; for we all have potential locked away in us.  Moreover, it is my goal to launch out into the family islands giving every petite young lady the opportunity to experience our program and indeed a chance to represent The Bahamas internationally. In the next 10 years it is our goal to produce a Beauty School/Agency.

Bahamas Petite WORLD queens
Bahamas Petite WORLD queens

The first official pageant is set for Saturday 30th May, 2014 under the theme “The Enchanted Kingdom”. All females between the ages of 13-28, 5″6 and under, without children, not married or engaged and a citizen of The Bahamas are illegible to compete.
Register TODAY at or (242) 429-4116


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