Top 10 Evening Gowns for 2013

As pageant season in the Bahamas begins once again, let’s take a look back at our favorite gowns from 2013!


10. Lexi Wilson

This bubble gum couture gown was worn by our very own Miss Bahamas Universe during the evening gown competition. This gown made top 10 on pageant bloggers top evening gown lists globally and it’s rightfully earned it’s place in ours as well.





























9. Angel Cartwright

This gown was worn at the Miss Teen Bahamas International pageant where Angel won the title! This color was simply fabulous and we loved the iridescent stones!

Photo Credit: Miss Teen Bahamas International Pageant





























8. Chloe Campbell

Chloe looked extremely elegant and age appropriate in this royal blue gown. Her style and grace landed her in the top 12 in the Miss Teen Universe Pageant.

Photo Credit: Joel Castillo Photography




























7. Shante McAlpin

This gorgeous gown from The Guest List was a real stunner at the Bahamas Galaxy Pageant this year. With a gorgeous dress and matching smile, Shante won the title of Miss Bahamas Galaxy

1383716_584541584927019_626583779_n (1)
Photo Credit: Bahamas Galaxy Pageants



































6. Lexi Wilson

She makes our list again in this purple gown. We loved the combination of glitter, frills and little lace!

Photo Credit: E-Life Magazine
Photo Credit: E-Life 242 Magazine


































5. Tavette Darville

This year’s sweetheart ,Tavette, wore this stunning  gold number at the Miss Bahamas Universe Pageant this year and landed herself the 2nd runner up spot.


Photo Credit: E-Life 242 Magazine



4. Vandia Sands

It’s been awhile since a black gown has graced the MBO pageant stage and we were thrilled to see it make a comeback.

Photo Credit: E-Life 242
Photo Credit: E-Life 242 Magazine


































3. Vandia Sands…Again!

This girl brought it this year with killer gowns.  This sassy peek-a-boo gown from the The Guest List had the Miss Earth pageant fans all over the world talking and rightfully so. This gown is a stunner!

Photo Credit: Bruce Casanova Photography



































2. Shanae Strachan


Red is definitely Shanae’s color! This breathtaking gown was seen at the Miss Bahamas Universe pageant and secured the number 2 favorite gown for the year. This dress combined elegance and fierce all in one. With lace detailing at the top and a fitted bottom with a train…we’re still swooning over this gown!

Photo Credit: E-Life 242 Magazine
Photo Credit: E-Life 242 Magazine


































1. Crystal Glinton

The dress..was our absolute favorite!! The best part?! This gown was designed by the ridiculously talented Bahamian Designer Valentino Laing.  This gown in all its perfection was seen at the Miss Bahamas Universe pageant. What is there NOT to love about this gown? The intricate detailing with small feathers and gorgeous rhinestones was a HUGE win for us! Perfection in every sense of the word! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Photo Credit: E-Life 242 Magazine

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