Miss Teenager Bahamas Dark Horses

Pageants can be unpredictable, tha’s the most exciting part! We have never wrote about pageant ” Dark Horses” and in light of Miss Teenager Bahamas’ first annual pageant; we thought it was only fitting to marry our firsts

Dark Horse #1
Rhodesia Johnson- This contestant is flawless, stunning and such an exceptional beauty. You simply cannot take your eyes off of her. Somehow, she has not been able to advance in the competitions so far, but do we think it will hurt her chance for the crown? No way! With such elegance and grace we have no doubt that she will simply shine in the evening gown and swimsuit prelims. She is the contestant to watch in this competition, believe us! Secure a spot in the top 5 for this beauty!





Dark Horse #2
LaKeisha Curry-Her body is amazing! This contestant takes this pageant seriously and she will not go unnoticed. She is edgy and intelligent, two factors that will take her far in this competition!

Dark Horse #3
Tyarah Delaney- This diva has made her presence felt, though she has not advanced in the recent prelims either, she made sure she was memorable. She has a gorgeous complexion and has played it up during competitions. She has adorned herself in such bright beautiful colors, you cannot help but notice how strikingly beautiful she is. We’re always impressed with a contestant that knows her strengths and highlights them. Don’t be surprised to see this beauty in the top 5!



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