Congratulations Mr. World Bahamas!

Mr. World Bahamas DeVaughn Gow
Mr. World Bahamas DeVaughn Gow

Check us out, top 3 finish in the Sports competition and top 8 finish in the Talent Competition, we can definitely say the Bahamas made a at the Mr. World Competition.

DeVaughn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from the University of Tampa
and is a Personal Concierge and a NASM Certified Fitness Trainer.He hopes to expand his fitness training enterprise to offer the very best training methods to the very best athletes the world over, using the natural Bahamian environment and specialized techniques to augment and enhance those methods.He says he hopes to use his own success to bolster local and globa lsupport for the diversification of Bahamian industry.In his spare time, he enjoys Cross-training, Basketball, Martial Arts,
Drawing, Singing,Amateur Carpentry, Gardening, Poetry, Writing, Swimming, Spear-fishing, and playing with his dogs. DeVaughn is also light on his feet, and is an accomplished Latin dancer, specializing in Bachata, Salsa,and Meringue. He is a graduate of the Florida Air Academy who has been awarded for acts of heroism. And as for a unique talent, he says he can shuck and open a coconut with nothing but his hands and teeth!

Over the last few weeks the contestants a faced a series of grueling challenges, including the following:
-They were put through their paces at the Royal Marine Commando’s Training Facility, home of the UK’s elite special force and world leaders in discipline, strength and unity.

-They took to the seas under the expert supervision of the International Sailing School, one of the UK’s premiersailing organisations. They tested their team work abilities as they raced against each other on some of the best sailing vessels in the world.

-Their sporting skills were challenged, as they competed in a variety of sporting disciplines, including a football challenge with local team Torquay United!

-The World Talent Show will be performed for the judges who chose their winners in front of a LIVE public audience.

Mr. World Bahamas DeVaughn Gow



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