Chinasa Outten takes the Miss Bahamas Teenager Crown!

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Teenager
Miss Bahamas Teenager 2016 Chinasa Outten

Lights, camera and #selfies! Eleven teen  Miss Bahamas Teenager Pageant contestants took to the stage with giggles and bright eyes…and I loved it!

The final two- Chinasa Outten and Kiara Diggiss

There wasn’t a flawed beauty in sight at last night’s coronation, just visions of sparkly teen perfection. The competition begun with the most adorable opening number choreographed by Shavonia Turnquest. Check out the photo below, aren’t they simply gorgeous?!

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Teenager
Miss Bahamas Teenager Contestants along with choreographer Shavonia Turnquest

While, of course, every contestant is a winner there were a few contestants that took home so extra special awards:

  • Best in Swimsuit-Breanna Sands
  • Best in Evening Gown- Breanna Sands

Breanna was sheer perfection in both evening gown and swimsuit prelims. Gracing the stage in an amazing royal blue evening gown, it was impossible for you to take your eyes off of her. The gown fit her like a glove, complimented her skin tone and she wore it with the upmost confidence. No dispute here, she’s a winner!

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Teenager
Breanna Sands- Evening Gown Winner
Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Teenager
Best in Swimsuit Winner- Breanna Sands
  • Best in Costume- Kiara Diggiss
  • People’s Choice- Kiara DiggissWe’ve seen flamingos, we’ve seen pirates, we’ve even seen the Bahama Parrot, but in National Costume, Kiara gave the pageant audience something totally different. It’s  hands down the best costume I have seen Miss Universe Bahamas’ depiction of the straw doll. Fingers crossed that we see this amazing piece on an international stage.
Best National Costume- Kiara Diggis

Teen Top Model: Christinique Rolle

This lucky beauty landed a two year contract with the Bahamas’ top modeling agency PTG. Look out Miss Universe Bahamas, this girl is going to be a star!

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Teenager
Teen Top Model Winner- Christinique Saunders

Breanna, Kiara and Christinique  snagged spots in the top 6 along with Chinasa Outten, Nerline Pierre and Sade Rolle. What can we say, here’s the true test of a queen…the final question! ( Cue horror music)

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Teenager
Miss Bahamas Teenager Final 6 L-R Breanna Sands, Chinasa Outten, Kiara Diggis, Sade Rolle, Nerline Pierre and Christinique Saunders

After what seemed like forever, ( though it was probably only 20 mins) the results came in and the top 3 placement were finally announced:

2nd Runner up: Breanna Sands
1st Runner up: Kiara Diggiss
Winner: Chinasa Outten

A huge congratulations to sixteen year-old Chinasa Outten on her major win. This teen queen is a bubbly gem and she’s really smart…no really, she has 3.99 gpa! A heart of gold and smile that’s even brighter, she is going to knock the socks off the judges at Internationals. I’m thrilled to follow her journey!

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Teenager
L-R Breanna Sands ( 2nd Runner up) Chinasa Outten ( Miss Bahamas Teenager 2016) Kiara Diggis ( 1st Runner up)

To be perfectly honest, I could have been happy if any one of those three won. They were superb performers and consistent throughout the entire competition and you know how much I love a consistently good contestant.

Congrats to all of the winners and a hearty applause to each of the contestants, the pageant was an absolute success!

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Teenager
Newly crowned Miss Bahamas Teenager along with her esteemed panel of judges
Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Teenager
Miss Bahamas Teenager along with Mister Teen Bahamas, Nicholas Fox

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