Round 1: Miss World Bahamas Top Five Hot Picks

Now that the official launch is over, it’s time for our Round 1 hot picks! Thanks to the Miss Bahamas Organization for so graciously giving us behind-the-scenes access to these beauties, we thought that would our make our hot pick choices much easier…not! These contestants are AMAZING! This competition is going to be HAUTE! But we did see some contestants that rose to the occasion and looked absolutely stunning doing it.

We’ll be naming our first round for top five. Nothing is definite and the crown can go to anyone of these beauties, this is all in the name of pageant fun. Let’s get to it!

Pageant Diaries Top Five:

1. Miss World Long Island- Ashley Hamilton

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Organization
Miss World Long Island Ashley Hamilton

How could you not love this girl? Legs for years and a face that blows you away. What we loved most about her? She has so much  grace and charm. Her interviews are genuine and relatable. Will she continue to be persistent throughout the competition? Be sure to keep up with the prelims to find out. Watch her interview here:


2. Miss World New Providence- Andrea Bowleg

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Organization
Miss World New Providence Andrea Bowleg

Andrea simply oozes confidence and personality. She lights up the room, she’s also probably the tallest person in it. Regardless, you cannot keep your eyes off of her. Top five material without a doubt. Check out here interview here:

3. Miss World Eleuthera- Geena Thompson

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Organization
Miss World Eleuthera Geena Thompson

If what we saw  at the launch was indicative of what we can expect throughout the rest of the competition, then she is here for the win. Confident, poised with a FIERCE game face. She’s a stunner for us! Watch her interview here:


4. Miss World Staniel Cay- Shanice Burrows

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Organization
Miss World Staniel Cay Shanice Burrows

Shanice is a fighter and she is making that very clear. This dark horse of the top five, in our opinion, is the one to keep an eye on. She is a tough contender and working that pretty face to make sure she is unforgettable. We believe the swimsuit competition is where she will leave her mark. Check out her interview here:
5. Miss World Paradise Island- Pischia Adderley

Photo Credit: Miss Bahamas Organization
Miss World Paradise Island Pischia Adderly

Undeniably beautiful with a brain to match, Pischia has definitely landed herself in one of top spots in this competition. She is confident in the skin she is in and ready to rock the competition. While she is resting on “ok” we are looking forward to seeing her take the stage in the preliminaries and really show her spunky personality. Watch her interview here:




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