Exclusive Interview with Miss World Eleuthera Geena Thompson

Catching up with this beauty was quite the task, but it was ALL worth it!

PD: First things first, you are absolutely gorgeous! You’ve got to share your beauty regiment with our readers!

Geena: Thank you! ūüôā ¬†Pineapples , lol. Ponds cold cream, coconut oil and lots of water. I also workout almost everyday, so I’m sure that helps. Along with the proper attitude and mindset about life.
“the proper attitude and mindset about life”

PD: The pageant world is so lucky to have such a stunner, what was your inspiration to enter Miss World Bahamas? Cliche, but we just had to ask!

Geena: Wow. You are really generous, I love it!! Thank you so much. A lot of people look at me and they think beautiful girl -Universe. But, I fell in love with the Miss World pageant as a whole. From a young age I would watch people compete and represent our country in sports,  as a singer or some form of arts, and I always felt this sense of jealousy. I always wanted to be there, just to represent my country and show off the uniqueness of our people. But obviously, I am no Buddy Hield, Shaunae Miller or Autumn Joy. I was honestly thinking to myself,  how can I represent my country internationally and do exceptionally well?  I came across the Miss World Pageant and I knew for certain that I embody what it is the Miss  World Organization is looking for.

“To be a contestant, I believe you should be poised, graceful, have a heart for charity and community, compassionate, athletic, intelligent and extremely patriotic. That’s me.”

PD: How is your pageant experience so far, as a contestant your schedule is intense!

Geena: Oh boy! Intense is an understatement. I have never been in so many high pressured situations in my life,than what I have encountered in the past year of preparing for this pageant. Mentally, physically, emotionally- it’s been an experience I will never forget. One thing I have to always remember are my goals and the reason I set them. This helps when it feels like the walls of Jericho are crashing on me. But overall, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My coach and training partners have been phenomenal. My family and friends are always supportive.

“Mentally, physically, emotionally- it’s been an experience I will never forget.”

PD: As a contestant on the go, what are the must-haves you stored in your purse?

Geena: Pineapple on something. Water. My lip gloss. A comb and brush. Cell Phone and a pair of sunglasses. Tickets for events. Passport. Headphones. Pictures. Gym clothes and an outfit. Black and nude pumps. My purse is no longer a purse, it’s a suitcase. And my car is my closet.

“My purse is no longer a purse, it’s a suitcase.”

PD: Walk us through a typical day in the life of Geena. Spare no details!

Geena: I honestly cannot walk you through it. We have to run. Thats how fast paced my days are. I begin in the morning with my devotions- thats at 4:30-5am. Then I either check my Facebook page see what’s up or head to a workout. Then I get ready for work. I’m usually there between 7-8 depending on the morning I’m having. My lunch times are filled with salads, posing in the bathroom or sleeping in the back seat of my car (Don’t judge me!). I get off work at 4 pm and head on over to the gym. Depending on the day, I either go to Toastmasters, head to another workout with Physique Total Fitness or pageant training with my coach. Or all of the above. After, my legs feel like noodles, then I hit up a salad bar and get dinner. Yes, more salad- (they don’t want you to have a number 5 from Wendy’s ) Finally, I go home, exfoliate, practice my walk again or watch youtube videos on past pageants or the news. I end the night with a prayer of thankfulness and then I begin again. All of that while hearing my coach ask me if I‚Äôve been drinking enough water?

“I end the night with a prayer of thankfulness and then I begin again.”


PD: Wowzers! How do you manage to find a balance between social life and pageant life?

Geena: It’s been rough. The good thing is I am surrounded by friends, family and supporters who understand my goals and want me to attain them. It takes sacrifice and tons of it. My schedule is already busy without the pageant and my social life. So when something from the pageant comes up, I have to make that priority always…except for if it comes between any long term goals I have – my career for example. Sometimes I sacrifice my sleep for my social life, reason why I have to fall asleep in the car on my lunch break. I do this just because as a queen, you definitely still need to be friendly and just to take some of the weight off your shoulders just relax for a bit.

“I am surrounded by friends, family and supporters who understand my goals and want me to attain them.”
PD: What’s the one thing that a lot of people don’t really know about you?


Geena: I am definitely an island girl. I grew up climbing trees and walking around the yard barefoot. This hasn’t stopped and I don’t think it ever will. I have no problem getting my hands dirty and I love the outdoors.

“I am definitely an island girl. I grew up climbing trees and walking around the yard barefooted. This has not stopped and I don’t think it ever will.”

PD: ¬†That’s awesome! So now that the competition is in full swing, what do you hope to take from this entire experience…besides the crown of course ( wink wink)

Geena: Myself. I definitely feel that the emotions I’ve experienced over this period have benefited me. My experience has forced me to go deep into myself, looking at my motives for doing things or why I say certain things. In this I’ve learnt- win, lose or draw, I still want to be Geena. I have learnt so many things about myself and I can definitely say I love me, that’s rare and I’m holding onto it.

“..win, lose or draw, I still want to be Geena. “
PD: There’s no better time than now for us to take a deeper dive into your platform, tell us about it!


Geena: My platform is based around homelessness and hunger. Mainly, raising awareness to and assisting those suffering from homelessness and hunger in the Bahamas. This passion came as a result of my grandfather and the legacy he left. I grew up with these two guys living in our yard, Mr. Rolle and Thomas. I always wondered how they got there or why they lived in the shack in the back of the yard. I questioned my mum and she told me they weren’t related to us but they needed a place to live and we had tons of yard space. They would both come to take out the trash or go to the food store for us and in return my parents would pay them. This helped to create a way of living for them. Of course, we would also give them food and water if they needed it as well. When Mr. Rolle died, he had no family that claimed him or was there to bury him. We had to. I couldn’t imagine dying and not having someone that cared for me. This evoked my passion for making others feel loved and giving back to the less fortunate. I also think that the homeless need me to educate them on how to make a living despite not having a home and in return hopefully they can get to a place where they aren’t depending on the system for help. It is my hope to continue my work along with the Great Commission Ministries and assist them in creating the country’s first all purpose homeless shelter (building). They have two part- time homes now, but they rent them. I also would like to work with other organizations like Hands for Hunger and #HashtagLunchBagBahamas who aid and assist the hungry. In my spare time, I normally go out the different groups and hand out care packages or food packages to the less fortunate and so I want to continue doing that as well.

“It is my hope to continue my work along with the Great Commission Ministries and assist them in creating the country’s first all purpose homeless shelter “

PD: Before we finish up, can we get a sneak peek into the details of your gown for final night? Pretty pretty please with glitter on top?

Geena: Haha, let’s just say not glitter- crystals. A convertible Benz with crystals all over by Valentino Omar.


It’s not hard to see why this stunner is a hot pick and officially my favorite for the crown. Good luck Geena!

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