Pageant Talk with Miss World New Providence, Andrea Bowleg

Andrea is amazing- a ball of positive energy with a huge heart who’s really smart. As in, graduated high school at 16 smart. Check out her interview as I get to know this beauty up close and personal!

PD: No stranger to the pageant stage, we’re so happy to see that you’re back! You’ve always been a strong contender and that certainly has not changed. How are you feeling about the competition so far?

AB: As you mentioned, I was always a strong contender and not much has changed. While I’m a lot more humbled, I am super confident and ready to compete for the title and chance to represent the country on the world stage.

PD:With such an extensive pageant resume, can you mention what’s the varying difference between your teen pageant experience and now Miss World Bahamas?

AB: There are definitely major differences. Starting with presentation-I had bounces and twirls and inconsistencies in my walk- now I’m smoother and more controlled. Humility, drive, focus and training. Overall, both pageant experiences [have] taught me how to always carry myself as a Queen.

“…pageant experiences have taught me how to always carry myself as a Queen.”

PD: I love that you’ve been training with Physic Fitness, what’s a typical training session like for a pageant contender?

AB: Firstly, I’ll say that a workout is a workout no matter what your goal is (please don’t crucify me, lol). But there is something about training for a pageant that’s a bit different.  When training for a pageant, you’ll have to eat all the right food and exercise, but the difference comes in when you have to make sure the food you’re eating and the work you’re doing isn’t making you too muscular, and doing the right amount for your body to be lean. With all that said, IT’S HARD! Lol.

PD:  Of course! But I have no doubt that your hard work will pay off. What would winning the Miss World Bahamas title mean to you?

AB: ☺️ Honestly, winning the Miss World Bahamas title would make my dreams come true. It’ll show me that not only do I believe in myself, but the Bahamian people believe in me as well. I think of the pride and joy of representing my country on an international stage daily.

PD: It truly is quite an honor and an esteemed privilege, isn’t it? The count down is on to the big night, how excited for you for crowning night?

AB: I think that I’m the most excited person for final night! With all the sleepless nights I spent training, I would love to reap the rewards. Also, waiting to have a cheat day!

PD: You’re just oozing with personality! Which family member of yours do you think you are most similar to?

AB: I don’t think I could pick just one. My family members are so diverse,  it’d be cruel for me to pick one. I think a bit of every one, along with my life experiences, makes up my one of a kind personality.

“Winning the Miss World Bahamas title would make my dreams come true. It’ll show me that not only do I believe in myself, but the Bahamian people believe in me as well.”

PD: Speaking of family similarities, where do you get this incredible height from?

AB: It’s hard to say a name because on both my mom and dad’s side  you can find some of the tallest people in the Bahamas. Sometimes, I even refer to my family as the tallest family in the Bahamas.

PD: With or without the crown, what’s next for Andrea Bowleg?

AB: With or without the crown (hopefully with) my ultimate life goal is to ensure that the development of my country never ends. On that note,  I would start on my career path to becoming a female prime minister.

“With or without the crown, my ultimate life goal is to ensure that the development of my country never ends.”

All the best Andrea, you’re a star!


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