Miss World Bahamas 2016 is Ashley Hamilton!

What…A…Night! From the launch of the Miss World Bahamas contestants to the cliff hanging crowning moment, this was an intense competition.

On Sunday July 24th at the Melia Resort, nine gorgeous contestants took to the stage to compete for the prestigious title of Miss World Bahamas. It was undoubtedly a tough night for this year’s selected judges; Fashion Editorial Director of Profiles 98 Magazine and pageant judge Walter Greene, Miss Commonwealth Bahamas 1993 Sadye Francis,Island Game CEO Pete Deveaux and proprietor of PTG Marketing & Modeling Agency Pia Rolle. This amazing night was hosted by Miss Bahamas Organization’s very own Jerome Sawyer and the ever lovely Leslia Brice.

We first saw the girls in a sizzling opening number wearing the cutest outfits from Obsessions Bahamas (making a mental note here to snag one of those!)

Seriously, how cute is this dress?! Obsessions nailed it!

Next up, the parade of swimsuits! The girls graced the stage in amazing swimsuits from Floridita Swimwear ( I secretly wish they wore these during swimsuit preliminaries) while being serenaded by the uber cool Ronnie Butler.

It’s safe to say Ronnie Butler enjoyed himself 😉

The show moved swiftly and smoothly as we progressed to the parade of gowns. Each girl looked simply flawless. Loved the gown changes for Miss World Exuma Aria Romer, Miss World Staniel Cay and Miss World Paradise Island. Here’s where the show started to take some unexpected twists (it gets really exciting after this!)

The top five were revealed ( cue drumroll): Geena Thompson, Rotalya Williams, Pischia Adderley, Shanice Burrows and Ashley Hamilton. How shocked was I to NOT see Andrea in the top 5!!! After a grueling process of trying to figure out what happened there, it simply came to this, Andrea did not score high enough in the scored preliminaries to land a space in the top spots.  Just a little reminder of the point breakdown for Miss World Bahamas:
Judges Interview: 35%
Swimsuit: 20%
Evening Gown: 20%
Online Voting: 25%

Geena and Ashley did fantastic during prelims and  were neck and neck, as they landed top three in both evening gown and swimsuit, their spots were set in stone. Shanice, Pischia and Rotalya  most likely did exceptionally well in interview and were not trailing far behind in points. Saved by the audience vote from the bottom four was Miss Exuma Aria Romer!  I’m still thrilled that four of my fabulous five made the cut ( yay!)

I’m still really in love with this gown!

Each of the top five contestants were then given a chance to shine with a on-stage interview with host Jerome Sawyer. Unfortunately, nerves got the best of front runner Geena ,while Shanice’s response was great, it wasn’t as strong as the remaining contestants and the same went to Aria. They did not make it to the final round of competition. Sigh, I have to admit I was a little disappointed, but it’s a high pressured situation and their hard work paid off. Landing spots in the top five was no easy task and I extend a hearty congratulations to them all.

Then there were three:

Ladies and Gentlemen your top three! L-R Rotalya Williams, Pischia Adderley and Ashley Hamilton

Are you hanging on to the edge of your seat yet? I know I was. All three of these young ladies are intelligent as they are beautiful and the crown could have been won by anyone of them.
As I listened to the final answer, the order of the crown began to reveal itself. Taking 2nd Runner up was Rotalya Williams. A superb job from Rotalya, the dark horse of the competition. She was cool calm and collected throughout the entire competition, performed where it mattered most and she should be overwhelmingly proud of herself.

Then there were two:

I think at this point I was more nervous then them!

First runner up went to Pischia Adderley.  She was sweet and poised throughout the entire night and it was hard not to fall in love with her. She loves the stage and it was apparent, she rose to the occasion and it paid off, congratulations Pischia!

And the winner, without a single doubt was Ashley Hamilton. In her last interview prior to competition, she was asked what was expected of her and her response, “to slay” and that’s EXACTLY what she did. Ashley was breathtaking and confident, true qualities of a queen. She flawless answered every single question thrown her way and she OWNED the stage, you couldn’t take your eyes away from her. The crown has found its home with its rightful owner. The road to the Miss World pageant is going to be an exciting one as The Pageant Diaries follows her every step of the way. All hail the Queen!

Undeniable Bahamian Royalty. Miss World Bahamas Ashley Hamilton

Find out who took home special awards by visiting The Pageant Diaries for more details!

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