Miss Universe Bahamas Costume Competition…In case you missed it!

Is it just me or was the Miss Universe Bahamas costume competition incredible?! The contestants put on an amazing show with the most dazzling costumes I have seen to date. Kuddoes to the designers of these immaculate costumes, they blew my mind!

The competition took place at luxurious AZUL at Albany Resort and the MUB committee pulled all the stops. If this ANY inclination of what we can expect for the final night, then we’re in for a mind blowing night!

A fantastic show for the 200 guests but a tough night for  Chantal Bethel (Artist/Designer), Page Haggerty (Stylist) and Patrice Lockhart (Designer), the judges for the evening.

Let’s talk about the detailing of these costumes, each designer poured their talent in these costumes. From the stoning to the feathering, every contestant left with you in awe!

Let’s start with my four absolute favorites from the night:

Cherell Williamson: The National Coat Of Arms Of The Commonwealth Of The Bahamas.

IMG_4505 (1)

I have never seen the Coat of Arms look THIS good! Designed and created by Javotte Bethel along with Rory Brennen, Brandon Newton and Anthony Coakley, this costume came to slay (For lack of a better expression)!

Alexandria Pinder: A Tribute To The Evolution Of The Straw Industry And The Strength Of The Bahamian Woman.


Oh.My.Goodness! How could you absolutely not love this costume?! Alexandria embodied a Straw Goddess. Every detail in this piece was sheer perfection, even down to her shoes. I would so hate to be judge! Another incredible creation by the super talented Javotte Bethel.
Erika Adderley: Eleuthera’s Glass Window Bridge and Blue Waters


Mind.Blown! Designed by Alicia Seymour, this interpretation of the Glass Window bridge is just phenomenal! I mean who doesn’t love feathers and perfect stoning? One side of her costume represented the Caribbean Sea and the other the Atlantic Ocean, GAWJUS!

Selvinique Wright: A Tribute to Junkanoo And Bay Street By The Mythical Chickcharney


Will you just look at this masterpiece?! This costume is stunning and the colors are so pretty and add a beautiful feminine touch. This costume was designed by the popular Bahamian Carnival group, The Bahamas Masqueraders!

Crystal Stubbs: The National Bird Of The Bahamas, The Graceful Pink Flamingo.


Ok, ok, ok, I can hear you all right now, YES it’s ANOTHER flamingo costume but it’s so pretty! Everything is so elegant and the pink feathers are so delicate, how could you not like it and besides its another stunning creating by Javotte Bethell!


Whender LaFrance: Depicting The Treasures Of Our Crystal Blue Waters.


Whender looked like an underwater princess in this beautiful costume. I love the use of the shells in the detailing of the bodice.


Chivvaun Smith: The National Flower Of The Bahamas, The Yellow Elder. 


This is a pretty sexy flower. This costume was cute and she worked it like it gown straight from the runway. The detailing is not as intricate as other costumes, but Chivvaun looked gorgeous!

Ashley Hanna: Depicting The Splendor Of Our Marine Life and The Beauty Of Our Country


I love the skirt on this little number, the use of the Androsian print coupled with the straw trim make it super Bahamian chic! This costume is cute and uber patriotic.

Danielle Pratt: The Most Patriotic Symbol Of Our Country, The Bahamian Flag Representing Our Natural Resources And Our Nation.


How can you ever go wrong with the aquamarine, gold and black? It’s the ultimate display of patriotism for all Bahamians. While I wouldn’t consider this one of the favs for the win of the National Costume competition, there’s no doubt that Danielle Pratt is a proud Bahamian!

Rokara Hepburn: The Most Elegant Bird Of The Bahamas, The Pink Flamingo


Another beautiful parrot makes an appearance in the MUB National costume competition. The feathering is gorgeous ( I mean you have just got to love pink), despite the lack exuberant detailing in terms of stoning. This flamingo was simple and fun.


Let me know which contestant wore your favorite costume! See you guys final night, September 17th at Albany Resort!


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