Pageant Talk with Selvinique Wright

I’m squealing with excitement, I got the opportunity to have pageant talk with a huge favorite for the Miss Universe Bahamas crown, the stellar Selvinique Wright! Check out our interview:

PD: You’re a huge hit amongst the pageant community, one of the favorites for the crown! Does it affect your concentration in any way in your journey towards the crown?

SW: Oh that’s a great question. I suppose that would be a real ego booster for some, but for me, it fuels me to push harder. I know that there are nine other cooper skin Bahamian beauties competing for the crown and title I desire. So I never let the noise in the market break my concentration and I most certainly never under estimate the competition.

I’m very appreciative of the positive response of the pageant community and Wider Bahamian audience.
“I never let the noise in the market break my concentration and I most certainly never underestimate the competition.”

PD:  What’s your biggest motivation for winning the crown?

SW:  Little can be done without motivation and a goal in mind. I’ve failed at times and I’ve succeeded also, so where I am right now shows me that my failures weren’t in vain. I grew up in The Hay Street area, a portion of the over the hill community. I was fortunate to have women like my mom, grand mother and aunts who always pushed for me to see beyond my community. But as I got older my motivation grew from more than just them. There are many associates of mine who became statistics and I want to show people that where you are from, or what you may have endured is not the deciding factor on your life! Knowing that I can be the change in my community brings me new hope everyday. I look for constant progress and when people look at me I want them to say she achieved her dreams and if I never give up, have faith and realize my potential I can achieve what I set my mind to accomplish as well. I often wear a flower in my hair as a reminder, beautiful flowers are sometimes found in the darkest places.
“Little can be done without motivation and a goal in mind”
PD:  Can you give the Pageant Diaries readers some insight into your platform and how you

plan to leverage the Miss Universe Bahamas title to purse it?

SW: With pleasure. Well my platform is Animal Abuse and Awareness. Animal abuse is when someone hurts or does not care for an animal, willful neglect or prolonged suffering. Animal Awareness is the quality or state of happiness within an animal. So many people are in denial about animal consciousness they imply that animals do not feel or that they have no value thus seeing nothing wrong with harming them. I’ve not limited my ability to help these creatures to a title, but I’ve already began playing my part. Winning the title only expands the many avenues that I can take. I would encourage persons to advocate for animals, go out there and work for animal welfare. Rehabilitate abandoned and abused animals and help push for stronger animal protection laws in our country. Radio and local television talk shows can be a significant form of insight. It’s time we teach our children about animal welfare. Persons should be aware of the signs, and know that children as well as adults who abuse animals have been known to have some of the worst forms of psychological issues. Whether a pet, farm animal or wildlife the victims can suffer terribly. If we unite as a community we can create a louder voice and that really does make a difference.
“If we unite as community, we can create a louder voice and that really does make a difference.”
PD: What an awesome platform! Who do you think will be the most proud, if you were to snag the crown?
SW: There is no shortage of persons that are proud of me for taking the first step on this journey and there would certainly be no shortage of people equally proud that I prevailed. I feel as though I would be most proud of myself. I’ve held off entering for so long and with faith I finally took the plunge. I would be proud of myself for not allowing fear or self doubt to stop me from reaching my potential. This in itself is an accomplishment for me so with or without the snag I would most certainly be proud I took the plunge!
“There’s no shortage of persons that are proud of me for taking the first step on this journey”
PD: You are a woman with amazing confidence, what life experiences have attributed to that?
SW: Well first I’d like to thank you for the compliment, getting to where I am with loving myself and being confident in myself and abilities was a journey. As a teenager, many times because of my skin color I never felt pretty. Luckily my mother would always tell me “it doesn’t matter what I think or what others think, it will all boil down to how you feel about yourself”. I remember crying because I wanted her justification and she would say the same thing over and over again. I may have not known it then, but today those words play a major part in my life. When it came to achieving goals, self doubt would sometimes kick into overdrive and it caused me to limit myself. Once I started to realize that I was my own stumbling block, focused on my faith and understood that there is so much untapped potential within me, my confidence grew. Confidence truly is a state of mind. I’ve had to shut many people down when it came to my strong features as well as my abilities while at the same time uplifting myself from their negativity. I do my best to remain optimistic because confidence is contagious so why not rub positivity off on others?
“Loving myself and being confident in myself and my abilities have been a journey”
PD:  That’s absolutely beautiful Selvinique, I can feel passion just oozing through your words and I hope my readers do too!  If there was a Miss Universe you would love to meet, who would it be and why?
SW: Janelle Commissiong. Why? She was the first black Miss Universe! She paved the way for us women of color causing a call for diversity at the MU pageant. Not only was she the first Miss Universe or color, but she also hails from a Caribbean island. She lived the fairytale dream I’m working towards, so why not have her past be used as a puzzle piece to my success as Miss Universe Bahamas.
PD:  I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your schedule to chat with me, but there’s one last thing, are there any words you would like to share with the pageant community?
SW: I would like to say that I am excited about this opportunity. I am extremely motivated to pursue this role and I will devote maximum energy to succeed if I am crowned your next Miss Universe Bahamas. I’d like to invite everyone to come out and enjoy the show that we are going to put on. See you guys on Saturday.
” I am extremely motivated to pursue this role and I will devote maximum energy to succeed.”

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