Pageant Talk with Cherell Williamson

It’s only a few more days until the Miss Universe Bahamas crowning and the excitement is brewing! My next interview is with another long-legged beauty vying for the Miss Universe Bahamas crown, the beautiful Cherell Williamson.

PD: Can I just say how thrilled I am that you FINALLY made the decision to compete for the MUB crown!!! What prompted such a major decision?

CW: AWW thank you! I am so excited about the whole thing! And can I add before we start, I literally stalk your page it is amazing, great work! But to answer your question, growing up I was always a shy young lady and I was approached about competing for a few years now, but I knew within myself that I wasn’t ready to take on such a huge title with the personality I possessed two years ago. Leading up to now I was afforded opportunities to communicate, interact and connect with individuals through my work in modeling, makeup artistry and Jewelry making and that definitely allowed me to break out of my shell. I totally had to talk to myself and say “Cherell get it together there’s no time to hold back”. Which brings me here to 2016, the blossom year or the glow up like this generation would say. My year of incredible transformation. A year that I felt I was now ready to carry this title and develop my passion for helping the disabled and the youth to realize their dreams and reach their full potential in life, by using their God given talents and gifts. Besides who doesn’t want to wear a crown, represent their country locally and internationally and capture the prestigious title of Miss Universe Bahamas that so many strong intelligent Bahamian women carried. I sure do!

” Which brings me here to 2016 […] My year of incredible transformation”

PD: Thanks so much for your support, I truly appreciate it! What’s the transition from Model to beauty pageant contestant been like?

CW: I am in love with the rush that walking down a runway in outstanding creations by talented designers has afforded me. When I get to walking down the runway I always say in my head “girl! You better come through! You better slay!”*laughs*. Runway modeling is a promotion of talent but it only allows for a limited amount of personality to be displayed. Coming into this pageant the organization stressed the need for us to put forth every aspect of our personality. It’s a big difference in terms of the display of inner beauty but it was a smooth transition because I believe both go hand in hand. They both require poise and confidence. My experience in modeling has better equipped me with the necessary stage presence needed for this pageant while the Miss Universe Bahamas organization encourages bringing forth my inner beauty. The two hand in hand is definitely a powerful combination something that assists in helping me to stand out when surrounded by the other beautiful contestants.

“My experience in modeling has better equipped me the necessary stage presence for this pageant while the Miss Universe Bahamas encourages bringing forth my inner beauty.”

PD: Tell about your experience with the pageant so far, the way the pageant is being run isn’t something our local pageant community is very familiar with. It’s so interesting!

CW: It is very interesting! But of course, different is the next generation of beautiful and this pageant is definitely living up to their motto of “Living Beautifully”. I had the opportunity to meet nine beautiful young ladies that all offered unique qualities to the pageant process. Surprisingly, all of our personalities seem to compliment each others effortlessly forming a bond between us. Something I wasn’t expecting because I’ve heard a few horror stories when it came down to pageantry and interactions between groups of females *laughs* so I’m really enjoying the fact that we all get along. The Miss Bahamas Organization board has offered us courses in style, toastmasters, stage presence, tours around the island, a girls night and beauty seminars fit for queens while allowing us to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the luxury resort of Albany.

PD: Do you think this pageant experience has changed you in any way?

CW: Oh but of course, It definitely has, it has allowed me to learn so much more about myself, learn about my country and has developed me into a woman that is confident, intelligent, poised with personality and presence.

“[The Pageant Experience].. has developed me into a woman that is confident, intelligent, poised with personality and presence.”
PD: What tips can you share with potential beauty queen hopefuls on how to stay focused during competition?

CW: I quickly learned that pageantry isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, it requires discipline, confidence and consistency. But I believe a beautiful mindset is key. The mind is a very serious thing, everything begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you if you allow it and the first step to focusing is going into a situation with a positive mindset and trying to keep it that way, throughout the entire process. Let positivity be your driving force. Yes things may get difficult, there may be times when you feel defeated or depressed because things didn’t go the way you wanted it to which leaves room for negativity and negative thoughts. Once the mind is always in a positive place then your life will always produce positive results. Keep your head up and keep on moving. Positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative and of course more happiness all of these things you will need during this competition.

PD: Beautiful! Final night is quickly approaching, what’s your game plan?

CW: My game plan… hmmm…. I wonder if I should share the little tips and tricks I have up my sleeve!? I can’t give you my entire game plan but just know that I’m preparing, I’m practicing, and I’m praying with the intention of leaving it all on the stage! I will have the support of my family and friends so it’s only right that I bring my heart and soul to final night and leave it all there because what is meant for me will be for me especially if I gave it my all. Shout out to Shaunae for setting a good example of this! “Dive for Gold!” But of course my performance will be minus the dive because I don’t think the judges would be too impressed with a fall or a dive of any kind in this competition! *Laughs*

“…just know that I’m preparing, I’m practicing and I’m praying with the intention of leaving it all on the stage.”

PD: Hahaha yeah, let’s subtract the dive for final night. What area of competition during final night are you looking forward to the most?

CW: You’re a lady and I’m very sure growing up you’ve dreamed of wearing long gowns with sparkles, trails and beautiful earrings. The whole Cinderella, princess kind of vibe. I know you know what I mean! Theres something about walking down a runway in a long beautiful gown that screams queen. The regal walk of Evening gown will be the highlight of my evening and everyone knows that It just sets the mood for a winning moment. The cherry on top would definitely be the pretty little thing called the crown on my head. 🙂

PD: What inspirational words hold the most weight to you during your journey to the crown?

CW: “ I was built for this, every bit of this, don’t question what God has planned for me, just pray and remain humble through it all.”

“I was built for this, every bit of this, don’t question what God has planned for me, just pray and remain humble through it all.”



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