Pageant Talk with Chivvaun Smith

It was an absolute pleasure to have chit chat with one of the most beautiful souls vying for the Miss Universe Bahamas crown. Hailing from Grand Bahama, it was amazing having a moment with Chivvaun Smith!

PD: You are undeniably beautiful, but I’m sure there’s so much more that meets the eye, tell us who is Chivvaun Smith?

CS: Well thank you so much, I’ll have to tell my parents they passed on really good genes!

 For sure I would say that I’m a little “atypical.” I’ve always thought outside of the box as my parents taught my brother, sister and I to never limit ourselves to our surroundings or circumstances. In fact, as far as I can remember I’ve been a “go-getter”…and a “worldly thinker and peace maker” as my mom would say!  In a nutshell I’d like to say that I’m passionate, creative, trustworthy and unsuspectingly daring. It’s funny some people always describe me as a mystery because they could never quite tell what’s going on in my mind… or they say that I’m extremely quiet. I just think that I’m very observant. Where as I’m truly a fun loving and an open person I feel as if it’s wise to take in your surroundings. Listen then act- think then speak.

“I’m truly a fun loving and an open person. I feel as if it’s wise to take in your surroundings. Listen then act-think then speak.”


PD: Dancing is a beautiful passion of yours; do you feel as though your dance background has assisted in any way with the competition so far?

CS: I wouldn’t be who I am today without the countless hours spent in the studio. I think as a dancer we are so much more aware of not only ourselves but also the people around us. Moving away from Freeport to Washington D.C with my grandparents when I was 13 to pursue my dream of becoming a dancer was extremely difficult. But while I hated leaving my parents, I knew that I had to sacrifice those memories in order to achieve my goals.

I was immersed in an art form that requires dedication, responsibility, hard work, artistry, intelligence, acting abilities, athleticism, teamwork, stage presence, poise, elegance, and of course technique. When you think of all of these things which doesn’t even encompass half of what goes into ballet you can see how the art of classical ballet lines up so well with pageantry. Living in the cultural hub of America I studied with some of the best teachers in the field and had many opportunities and exposure as it relates to being able to handle myself in an international arena. Everyday I reflect and see how all of my experiences have come in handy. It’s quite interesting actually!

PD: Without a doubt you have tons of supporters, who do think has been your biggest cheerleader so far?

CS: Goodness, this is probably the toughest question you’ve given me! I have a family of stars so of course they are on this list but if I must say it would be Ashleigh Rolle and Shanaye Smith. 

It’s crazy how this experience has brought me in contact with such young and ambitious women. Though none of us have any idea of how the logistics of pageantry works in the Bahamas let alone in general sometimes, they make a pretty amazing team! There are fresh ideas, collaborating, and uplifting each other in our crafts and expertise. Honestly, they just want to see me be the best me I can be and I’d like the same for them! We push each other to raise the standard and most times make our own haha. But that’s what this experience is supposed to be about. Women uplifting women. 

“At such a young age I knew what I wanted, what it took to get there, and everyday I was learning more and more about myself. “

PD:  If you had to describe what qualities the next Miss Universe Bahamas should possess what would they be and why?

CS: Ohh I don’t know if I could answer this question!! I have a feeling this may be an interview question and if I make it to top 5 or 3 and I have a super snazzy jack in my cards 😛

PD: How does being the next Miss Universe Bahamas fit into your schedule? How does one balance being a queen, a role model and a modern woman?

CS:  Two words! “Time Management”. I learned to master this in college…actually now that I think about it,  I’ve always had a busy schedule!

PD: Whats the most important thing to you about this entire journey towards the crown?

CS: Well of course I can’t forget to thank God, but definitely remaining true to myself. There is no one in this world like Chivvaun Abigail Smith; I’d never change the things that make me so original. 

PD: If you had the option to change one thing about yourself in order to win the crown, what would it be?

CS: I think this goes back to my previous answer

I believe if I changed who I was to win the crown then I really wouldn’t be winning. It’s so hard trying to be someone else and people can see straight through that. The trick is enhancing who we are and really just being better versions of ourselves! This is something everyone should strive for everyday! Besides, I believe that we are all created in God’s image which He says is perfect. If I’m perfect for God I’m perfect for the crown lol.  

“If I’m perfect for God, I’m perfect for the crown…”


PD: If you had to describe the difference between being a queen and being yourself what would those differences be?

CS: I think Queens should be authentically beautiful human beings. She is a selfless woman, who knows that she’s more than just a pretty face that represents a brand or her country. She is a woman of the world with a story that inspires the masses. A woman who wants to actually make a difference, leave a legacy, and a woman who is a voice for those who are at times voiceless. Essentially, being a queen is not an act but a representation of the soul. If your soul is aligned with the right intentions then really there should be no difference.


“Essentially, being a queen is not an act but a representation of the soul.”



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