Miss University of The Bahamas Leadership Pageant

If you’re racking your brain to figure out where you can find the perfect combination of beauty and brains in The Bahamas, then look no further than The University of The Bahamas! (Duhh!) Hence, the birth of the Miss University of The Bahamas pageant. Nine lovely ladies are set to compete on Thursday, 9th March to capture the title of the first ever Miss University of the Bahamas. Not only do they snag the title, crown and sash, but the lucky winner automatically lands a spot to compete in the Miss World Bahamas pageant (Eeeek!) amongst other cool prizes such as tuition, books & fees to the UOB ( <— Those are seriously the important prizes!)

The mission of the Miss University of the Bahamas Leadership Pageant is to provide a positive opportunity for well-rounded young ladies who aspire to enrich and develop themselves through pageantry. The committee plans to promote strong leadership skills and social consciousness among young women; as well as reward academic achievement, encourage self- expression and challenge young women to effect positive change at the University of The Bahamas and the world around them with a philanthropic heart.

Crowning is quickly approaching and just in case you wanted know what the judges were looking for in the winner, (yes pageant fam, ya’ll know how ya’ll go), here’s the judging breakdown for final night:

Introduction/ Speech on Platform

Ladies are expected to introduce themselves and explain their platform to the judges and audience. The introduction will tell the audience who you are and any other relevant information about you. Introductions are limited to one minute.
Contestants will be judged on expression, presentation, presence and content.

Health & Lifestyle Segment (10%)

Each contestant will model a swimsuit in this segment. The swimsuit must be approved by the pageant committee. The committee may choose to synchronize color, style, patterns, shades or cuts of the swimsuit at their discretion.
Contestants will be judged on fit of the suit, personal fitness, deportment and confidence.

Evening Gown (20%)

Each contestant will model a gown of their choice. Gowns should be chosen for elegance and should complement the contestant. Gowns must be floor length.
Contestants will be judged on fit of gown, deportment, poise and confidence.

Final Question and Answer (15%)

Contestants will answer a question that will be selected from a transparent apparatus for this segment. Questions can be taken from a range of topics mostly dealing with the University experience; issues young people face and current world topics.
Contestants will be judged their ability to answer the question and the content if their answer.


Now, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for! Pageant Diaries readers, meet the contestants competing for the annual Miss University of the Bahamas Leadership Pageant:


Pedronique Saunders- Miss Environmental & Life Sciences
-Jessika Christophe
Jessika Christophe- Miss School of English
Brittany Saunders
Brittany Saunders-Miss School of Education
Shakala McIntosh
Shakala McIntosh-Miss School of Business
Rotalya Williams.jpg
Rotalya Williams- Miss Communication & Creative Arts
Keaneirha Smith
Keaneirha Smith-Miss Choices


Galy Joseph
Galy Joseph-Miss Chemistry
-Nyisha Tilus
Nyisha Tilus- Miss Social Sciences

It’s not too late to score tickets to the pageant, be sure to check out the University of the Bahamas Chapter One Bookstore or your favorite contestant. Either way, see you there!


Photo credits: Aaron Davis Photography


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