Miss Bahamas Teenager 1st runner up takes the reins!

The Miss Bahamas Teenager Organization regrettably announces that Miss Chinasa Outten has relinquished her titled due to educational obligations, effective February 27th, 2017. The organization wishes Miss Outten all the best in her endeavors.

Following the Miss Bahamas Teenager pageant protocol and guidelines, Miss Kiara Marie Diggiss, the 1st runner-up will now assume the title. Kiara is 16 years old and is currently a student enrolled at Queens College. Kiara’s endeavors in life are many and continuous goals is to make a significant impact on the lives of others; especially those in need. She says, “Focusing on the adversities we go through and the things which have been taken from us is a horrible way to experience life. Discovering what we can give to others, and that which we have to offer the world, is far better.” She aspires to become a surgical dermatologist. Her goal as well as her future aspirations, have a direct link to her platform; “Negotiating with Insecurities”. The platform is bordered around women being able to manage and manipulate the things they are self-conscious about; overall -women, especially young women- learning to love themselves and doing things that make them happy.

Since the 2016 competition, Kiara recently organized a fundraiser event in aid of medical expenses for kids. “Fashion your seatbelt” was a huge success. She recently ripped the runway at the Teen Top Model competition where she placed 2nd runner-up. Kiara now has her eyes set on continuing to be a positive youth ambassador not only to her peers, but for all youths both locally and internationally. Ms. Diggiss would like the youth to know that her mantra is: “Believe Beyond Your Beauty”. She feels if you follow this simple advice you can have anything you work hard for if you put your minds to.

Miss Kiara Marie Diggiss will be competing at the Miss Teen Universe pageant in 2018. Her first appearance as Miss Bahamas Teenager is at the Miss University of the Bahamas first ever University pageant at the University’s performance art Center on March 9th 2017 at 7pm.

With this transitional period, the Miss Bahamas Teenager Organization would like to  inform readers that the Miss Bahamas Teenager pageant will resume its annual pageant season in 2018 where they will produce our fifth edition of the Miss Bahamas Teenager pageant. All interested teenagers can sign up by logging onto www.missbahamasteenager.org to submit your forms NOW as the recruitment drive starts as early as summer 2017.


Photography credit: CJermaine Photography


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